Electronic Statements

With the MyBPCreditcard Login portal registration, there are there periodic electronic statements received on the registered email id where the relevant data are drafted. If individuals have opted in to get electronic bank statements, the subsequent data also practices for the MyBPCreditcard.com site:

Instruction boxes. Any enclosure connected to a return mailed from the United States can also be transferred to the relevant user electronically. If an insert includes material needed by law to ensure that the user gets the material cardholders to need, officials may send a hard copy of the statement and make it accessible electronically of MyBPCreditcard.

US Post will send individual any legally compelled inserts that are not accessible either electronically. Payment information can be sent electronically if individuals decide to discontinue paper statements, they will require to pay at least minimum payment and have it by 5:00 p.m. on the closing date.

Individuals can do this by an electronic bill payment service from the MyBPCreditcard Login portal or the website or through an external administrator or bank, or they can even send payment by a carrier to the address on the electronic bank statement.

Please note that if individuals do not pay us electronically, payment may take up to five days after it is permitted. If emails are declared to us notifying users of the availability of the bank statements, officials may unsubscribe from electronic bank statements and proceed to send us the paper statements.

In this case, individuals will require to re-register to get electronic statements with refreshed data for MyBPCreditcard. In the relevant case of the spam filter, the authorized individuals will do their best to ensure that the email notifications are correctly comprehended by all spam filtering companies.

However, individuals are accountable for assuring that the emails are identified by the relevant spam filters. If individuals do not receive the email announcements after registering to get electronic bank statements, please contact the email account provider and/or the spam filter blended with the relevant email account.

By opening or using the MyBPCreditcard Login account at the portal, cardholders agree to be treated by the terms of the complete agreement. The entire agreement is incorporated into the four sections of this particular document and the request concerning the account.