When payments are due MyBPCreditcard Cardholders must pay at least the least payment due on the registered account before 5:00 p.m. (E) on the expiration date of each billing cycle. Payments received after 5 p.m. ET will be credited the next day for MyBPCreditcard.

When individuals have an interest-bearing balance, the MyBPCreditcard pre-payment can reduce the amount of interest relevant cardholders pay. Individuals may delay the availability of funds in the online account for the amount of the payment, but the individuals will credit the payment as soon as we get it.

MyBPCreditcard Payment options. Cardholders can give by mail or online. Accountholders can make installments over the phone, but the officials will charge MyBPCreditcard cardholders a quick pay over the phone charge. The payment obligation is made in US dollars by physical or electronic check, money order, or comparable apparatus from a US bank.

Cardholders must accompany the directions to make the payments shown on the electronic statement. If individuals don’t, the payment amount may take up to five days to complete. The electronic statement will also describe how the check data will be utilized by MyBPCreditcard Login.

Breakdown of payments. The officials will apply the needed minimum payments to the account balance utilizing a method selected by us. Any payments individuals make above the expected minimum will be connected to the more unusual APR balances before the lower APR insights.

They promise to pay. Individuals agree to pay all costs due under this Agreement. The cardholder’s responsibility must acknowledge all the terms drafted officially.

Each account holder gets a card cannot authorize anyone to utilize the MyBPCreditcard Login account. If cardholders do this, or if they ask us to send a card to someone else, they will be accountable for paying all charges for the transactions.

Cardholders will get a credit limit and a prepayment limit on the MyBPCreditcard account, which we may raise or decrease from time to time. If we allow a transaction that happens in the credit or prepayment limit being exceeded, the officials will not waive any virtues under this official Agreement at