During the initial 60 days, they will get a refund, also known as Double Cash Back, which is 10% of each acquisition of BP or Amoco gasoline at the relevant station. After 60 Happy Days, cuts are cut in half, but still as plentiful as 5%, with 2% for travel or eatery properties and 1% for most other acquisitions.

In joining the grease, individuals can redeem the money for a MyBPCreditcard gift card, check, or a more bountiful donation to aid eliminate the BP oil spill after getting at least $ 25 off. There is no end to the number of the refund.

Low-interest rates are required if individuals are not eligible. And no yearly fee is needed. British Petroleum was established in Iran following the name Anglo Persian Oil Company. Later, the corporation name was transferred to the Anglo Iranian Oil Company.

MyBPCreditcard is a credit card offered and administered by Synchrony Bank. This gives a number of advantages to certified users both online and offline.

What Are The Benefits of MyBPCreditcard?

Rewards include My BP credit card offers and various rewards for each purchase that the user does with this card. The card-operated like magic for users, assisting them to save their cherished money in different places.

  • The MyBPCreditcard Login portal suggests a special discount when they spend $ 100 at Bp gas stations.
  • The relevant MyBPCreditcard cardholder also earns 25 cents per gallon for gasoline.
  • Spend $ 100 on acquisitions and get 15 cents.
  • Individuals can use the MyBPCredit card anywhere, as the card is affirmed throughout the country.
  • BP Visa credit cards are authorized without a yearly fee.
  • For the initial three months, individuals can take benefit of the 10-cent offer at no supplementary cost when users withdraw money from ATMs.
  • Additionally, clients can get a 3.75% refund after the initial three months.

By acknowledging the privacy policy at, each BP credit cardholder has the chance of creating their own official online portal at MyBPCreditcard according to the terms and conditions. With this option, all cardholders can quickly see their expanded discounts through this MyBPCreditcard Login portal.