How do I reset my username and password?

If you are a traveler and prefer to refuel the car at a BP station, the MyBPCreditcard is the best alternative for you, as it proposes numerous rewards with every shopping. Therefore, individuals save daily costs.

The MyBPCreditcard offers rebates on dinners, trips, and acquisitions that range between 2-3.5%. Having a MyBPCreditcard will enable individuals to get all the rewards associated with eatery meals, travel, groceries, and gas purchases at the BP gas station.

Retrieve MyBPCreditcard Login Account Credentials

It may appear that in some cases individuals also forget their password and it is comfortable to recover the account. If cardholders forget their login credentials they need to have their physical identity and the account details to enter if required on the online portal. Individuals must follow the steps given hereby.

  • Click the link to go to the passwords page on the MyBPCreditcard Login website. The system will ask individuals to enter the two items from which one is the user ID and the second is the zip code.
  • If individuals enter both accurately, they will receive an email with the registered email id.
  • The email includes a link that they can utilize to reset a password.
  • After receiving the email, click on the link, reset the password, and select the password that suits you best.
  • Contact the BP credit card corporation for further assistance if required.
  • As a customer, if you have a problem with your MyBPCreditcard, you can contact their customer service number.
  • The MyBPCreditcard client service numbers for the BP balance are 8448320035.
  • Visa’s client service number is 8448320030.
  • For those utilizing the My BP Credit card Visa Platinum card, the Visa Platinum card client service contact number is 8448871975.