How to Protect yourself from Online Frauds?

Whenever any individual does any procedure from registration, login, or reset the login credentials here are some of the sections to take care of. The MyBPCreditcard collection costs may vary case by case.

If the officials ask for an attorney other than our employees to recover the account, they may be charged with collection costs in terms of the online fraud without any consent.

Close the MyBPCreditcard account if the relevant cardholders experience severe online fraud. Account-holders can close their account at any time by sending a letter to the address on the bank statement or by calling the BP customer service contact number.

It may be a fraud as an individual with the credentials can close to hacking your account at any time and for any reason. Therefore only contact the officials in such cases. Use and share the data with the trusted firm official merely.

When the account holders applied for an account, individuals provided us and BP Products North America Inc. with data about yourself that we can share. For more data on how the firm utilizes and shares data, see the account’s privacy policy at the official site.

All the MyBPCreditcard account holders must represent that any contact number provided by them is legit and/or that you are authorized to give that particular number. MyBPCreditcard Account-holders also agree to notify us immediately if the address or phone number alters immediately.

MyBPCreditcard Account-holders consent to the officials, and to any other owner or administrator of the account when communicating with you through any communication channel and for any purpose allowed by appropriate law by the MyBPCreditcard Login official platform.

For informational, service, fraudulent, or aggregate connections, account holders of the MyBPCreditcard Login portal must agree to the utilization of the contact numbers they provide to communicate with the mobile phone or wireless device with the text messages, artificial or recorded voice calls, and also the outgoing calls.